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How will steel fibers affect my concrete mix design?

How will steel fibers affect my concrete mix design?
Update Time:2018-01-23
Steel fiber mix designs are similar to those commonly used for plain concrete mixes. recommended aggregate gradations and mix proportions are provided in local standards. Using the largest practical top size aggregate and a well-graded combined aggregate blend as opposed to a gap-graded blend can minimize shrinkage. Steel fibers may cause a reduction in slump due to their stiffness. this does not necessarily equal a reduction in workability. depending on ambient temperatures and placement method, mid-range water reducers are commonly used to enhance workability for mixes with more than 30 to 40 pounds per cubic yards of steel fibers.
Company Profile
Dalian Harvest Metal Fibers Co., Ltd. is a Sino-France joint venture company , a specialty in producing thermal resistant steel fibers, and steel fibers for concrete reinforcement. HARVEST steel fibers have been well adopted by a wide range of professionals, such as Metallurgy, Cement, Petrol refinery, Chemistry, Ceramics, and so on. Steel fibers have been well used in concrete construction projects, such as  bridges, tannels, high ways, airport,  power stations, industrial floors. More than 90% of HARVEST steel fibers have been used by our customers in Asia, Europe, North and South America,  Australia, etc… . HARVEST has been winning the users high praise because of high quality products and good services.
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