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Will the steel fibers ball up in the mix?

Will the steel fibers ball up in the mix?
Update Time:2018-01-23
A properly designed concrete mix is essential for avoiding fiber balling. in order to avoid the potential for fiber balling related to fibers with a high l/d (aspect) ratio (meaning high performing fibers), glued fiber technology has been developed. Glued fiber bundles will spread the glued bundles evenly on “macro level” and during mixing the bundles separate into individual fibers. in essence the glued bundle temporarily lowers the aspect (l/d) ratio of the fibers for easy mixing. that´s how balling can effectively be avoided and a homogenously mix of high performing steel fiber reinforced concrete can be achieved.
Company Profile
Dalian Harvest Metal Fibers Co., Ltd. is a Sino-France joint venture company , a specialty in producing thermal resistant steel fibers, and steel fibers for concrete reinforcement. HARVEST steel fibers have been well adopted by a wide range of professionals, such as Metallurgy, Cement, Petrol refinery, Chemistry, Ceramics, and so on. Steel fibers have been well used in concrete construction projects, such as  bridges, tannels, high ways, airport,  power stations, industrial floors. More than 90% of HARVEST steel fibers have been used by our customers in Asia, Europe, North and South America,  Australia, etc… . HARVEST has been winning the users high praise because of high quality products and good services.