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What is the advantages of the Steel fibre-reinforced shotcrete ?

What is the advantages of the Steel fibre-reinforced shotcrete ?

Update Time:2018-01-23

The primary advantages of fibre-reinforced shotcrete are:

  • Addition of steel fibers into the concrete improves the crack resistance (or ductility) capacity of the concrete. Traditional rebars are generally used to improve the tensile strength of the concrete in a particular direction, whereas steel fibers are useful for multidirectional reinforcement. This is one of the reasons why steel fiber reinforced (shotcrete form) concrete successfully replaced weldmesh in lining tunnels.
  • Less labour is required.
  • Less construction time is required.

Applications and types[edit]

SFRS has various types, which are applicable to differing situations. Primary uses are:

  • Tunnels - uses short steel fibers
  • Industrial floorings - uses long steel fibers
Company Profile
Dalian Harvest Metal Fibers Co., Ltd. is a Sino-France joint venture company , a specialty in producing thermal resistant steel fibers, and steel fibers for concrete reinforcement. HARVEST steel fibers have been well adopted by a wide range of professionals, such as Metallurgy, Cement, Petrol refinery, Chemistry, Ceramics, and so on. Steel fibers have been well used in concrete construction projects, such as  bridges, tannels, high ways, airport,  power stations, industrial floors. More than 90% of HARVEST steel fibers have been used by our customers in Asia, Europe, North and South America,  Australia, etc… . HARVEST has been winning the users high praise because of high quality products and good services.

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